LOGOS is prepared for a Post-Windows Mobile World

It’s common knowledge that the end of Windows Mobile is coming, in fact there have been no updates to the operating system (OS) since 2008. While Microsoft extended support for the platform through 2020, enterprises running Windows Mobile should at a minimum be planning what comes next.

There are really two options available, porting the current application code to another platform or select a new tool for developing a new solution. Either option presents its challenges, particularly if you’re an organization utilizing many handheld barcode scanning devices.

Today the two major mobile platforms are Android and iOS.  Android, which is more commonly seen on rugged devices, seems to be the top choice of the hardware manufacturers. 

In January 2014 LOGOS began developing a replacement RF device application front end in anticipation for the eventual demise of the Windows CE and Mobile platforms.  Developing the process logic as a framework enabled LOGOS to port to both .net and Android, allowing our customers to run both legacy Windows devices alongside new Android devices.  With the option to use both platforms our customers could extend the use of the legacy devices and spread the cost of replacement devices over a number of years.

Installing the LOGOS RF device application is a simple process that can either be performed manually by a technician, through the installation of an apk file, or by any user if the organization has setup an internal google business store.  The Android version supports https, something .net is unable to do. With security being at the top of most organizations list, this is another strong driver to move off the Windows platform.

With over 2000 RF devices globally using the LOGOS RF device application, providing our customers with an early migration path with the ability to run legacy Windows devices alongside the new Android devices enabled them to plan their transition and spread the cost over a number of years.  Further, because the two version were based off the same framework, the end users could simple switch to the new devices with no additional training.

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