Looking for a simple Inventory Management solution for your small business?


Our small business applications offer low cost solutions that are easy to use and maintain, saving you valuable time and money that can be better used growing your business.


Our Small Business users have big goals and a high demand on their time. They rely on the LOGOS Sample Management solution to simply and efficiently manage their sample product inventory.

BUILT BY EXPERTS: Built by Warehouse Management industry experts this free easy to use Sample Management solution will allow you to track your samples around your warehouse or storage room. The highly efficient filter search enables you to quickly locate sample materials based on any of the stored data.

SECURE: A simple admin button with secure password allows you to create/edit/delete sample products, while preventing other users of the application from accidentally deleting or altering key information.

TIME SAVER: With all your sample information in one simple mobile application, you can now search for the right sample and quickly locate it from anywhere, saving you and your business valuable time.


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