LOGOS Smart labeling offers a complete labeling solution that can print any kind of label, including customer specific and GHS.

Whether you are using our warehousing or manufacturing solutions to drive label production, our solution efficiently interfaces to leading labeling software solutions like Seagull Scientifics BarTender®.


  • Everything can be printed with one system
  • The print-module accepts print orders from various sources (e.g. SAP®, web-based user-interface…)
  • Various labels (Product, HU, Customer specific, Shipping labels…) could be printed without high effort – almost all necessary data is in the system, up to date and does not have to be entered manually
  • Initiating a print out can be done either manually or for example through the entry of a process order – the application will read/add all necessary data
  • Several printers – located in the same network – could be controlled by one central server (or multiple – based on the requirements)
  • No need to make any changes or add-ons (SAP® Scripts) in SAP®
  • Independency from any printer types – one-time-designed layouts could be used everywhere
  • Label layouts could be easily redesigned, extended or created new by employees
  • Label layouts can be shared by multiple sites

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